Transform Your Wedding Space With This One Idea


Picture in your mind every wedding space you’ve ever entered. What do you see?

Flowers. Table linens. Centerpieces. Table for the gifts, table for the cake. Maybe some uplighting. Maybe some balloons.

Now take a closer look and what else do you see?

Scuffed floors. Old, worn carpeting. Busy, out-of-date Oriental rugs. A dull dance floor.

It’s amazing how often our attention is drawn to the floor and yet we rarely do anything with it in our wedding spaces. But whatever venue you use has seen tens of thousands of shoes scuff and mark and dirty and dull the floors so they typically look gross.

Not exactly the look you want for your wedding photos, right? You spent a lot on your beautiful floor-length wedding dress but the floor you’re standing on for all those pictures is dirty and disgusting.

High-end wedding planners have long known the value of wedding carpets for clients who want the perfect wedding photos to adorn their homes. But this one idea often goes overlooked by your average bride. Yet this one, small decision can completely transform your wedding space, your wedding photos, and your memories of that day.

Here are 3 ways you can use a wedding carpet to beautify your wedding space and make your pictures truly perfect.

1.Aisle Runner


Some limo companies will provide a red carpet runner for exiting the limo but it doesn’t extend far. And it certainly doesn’t extend down the church or synagogue aisle that has, frankly, seen better days.

Today, you can order beautiful, affordable carpet runners by the foot online and have them sent directly to your venue or home so you can walk down the aisle atop a soft, colorful carpet that offsets your beautiful dress.

Carpet runners come in any shade of color you want. White carpet runners are timeless, classic, and perfect for darker wedding spaces that you want to lighten up. Red carpet runners are rich, regal, and make your white dress really pop. Blue carpet runners or purple carpet runners are deep, sober colors that look outstanding on white marble floors so common to churches and synagogues.

Aisle runners for outdoor weddings are an absolute must-have if you want to avoid dirt and grass stains along the bottom hem of your dress. Include one of these in your outdoor wedding and all your female guests will thank you for not making them walk to their seats on grass in high heels!

2.Photo Carpet


How many posed photos are you going to take during your wedding? Dozens, right? You’re going to pose with your husband, your family, your husband’s family, both families together, your bridesmaids, his groomsmen, all your college friends, all your co-workers, all his co workers — you get the…picture.

And, of course, everyone else is going to want to pose in pictures together, too. Even when you’re not there. Long after the wedding is over, you are going to look back over all those photos and be reminded of the wonderful day you had.

Having a beautiful carpet runner for everyone to stand on will add to the beauty of those photos. Besides hiding ugly, dull floors, a soft, cozy carpet runner is perfect for the ladies who have abandoned their high heels to dance, for the guys taking a knee in the front row, for the younger siblings and cousins sitting cross-legged up front, and for the family jokester who always needs to lie down in every family photo.

Plus, a carpet runner for outside wedding photos provides a stable surface so high heels don’t sink into dirt, a dry surface so pants knees don’t get wet, and a grass-free surface so white wedding dresses don’t get grass stains that cost a fortune to remove.

3.Personalize It

Why be generic when you can personalize an aisle runner for your wedding or a photo carpet? Add your names and wedding date, add a line from your vows, add a special phrase or sentiment that shows all the love you are sharing on your special day.

A personalized runner or carpet becomes a keepsake forever and something you can take anniversary photos on each year as you grow old together. It becomes a beautiful memento for your home and something that reminds you every day how blessed you both are.

Enjoy Yourselves


The wedding is only one day and a marriage is thousands of days but you want that one day to be extra special. You don’t want to be thinking about the little annoyances like walking over wet grass in a white wedding dress, or dirtying a tuxedo knee, or how the pictures seem kind of dull because of how dark the floors look. Instead, you want all the little details you planned to be perfect and for your guests to be impressed.

Ordering an aisle runner or a photo carpet is as easy as visiting your local carpet store or visiting us online. Deliveries are quick and easy.

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