Our Pricing Structure

Our Pricing Structure is based on our standard red carpet. The prices are per linear foot and include binding, a cardboard core for easy re-rolling, care instructions, and heavy duty plastic wrap to protect your carpet during shipping.

We list our pricing on red carpet because there is no waste factor in any width or length. Our other colors are based on the same price points but certain width’s do yield a waste factor. Please Contact Us with any specific questions on sizes for other colors but rest assured our pricing is similar for all of our colors. Keep in mind….we can make your carpet ANY SIZE down to the inch on the width and length.

Pricing by the Foot

EXAMPLE: If you are looking for a price on a 4×25 Red Carpet you would multiply 25 x 7.25 = $181.25.

Shipping is not included in our pricing but rest assured we have the lowest rates available by Fed Ex. Please Contact Us for shipping rates. Expedited Shipping is available.





About Our Binding

We use NC and Bond Binding Machines for a high strength Zig Zag Stitch on every carpet. This ensures the strongest hold onto the backing of the carpet.

Latex Red Carpet Backing

Need extra grip? We can apply a liquid latex coating to the backing of any carpet. This will enhance the strength of the binding on the edge as well as provide a greater “Non Slip” surface on the backing of the rug. The cost for this service is 10% of the price of your carpet before shipping.

Double Sided Tape

Need even more grip? We have double sided Pro-Tape in 2” and 3” widths. This is the best tape we’ve ever used and we use it on all of our professional installations. Rolls are 75’ in length. 2” is $9/Roll. 3” is $15/Roll.

Custom/Special Shapes

Yes. We are happy to do that. We can make you circles, ovals, ellipses, L Shapes, Hearts or any custom design you would like in any size.

Logo/Custom Printing

Have a Logo you want on your runner? We do logos in house by hand. Pricing is all based on labor so please Contact Us if you would like a price for your logo on a carpet. Below are some example’s of our work. If your logo is more complex we also can offer custom printing where the sky is the limit as to what can be put on your carpet. We are also an Authorized Distributor of Lifetime Rubber Backed Logo Mats.

Carpet Samples

Need samples? We have every color in 4″x4″ sample’s ready to ship. Contact Us and enter your info in the message box and we’ll get one out to you right away.


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