Benefits of Using Carpet Runners for Stairs


Stairs, like the houses around them, come in a multitude of forms. Sweeping, boxed in, with landings or without, grand or utilitarian — the real question is: What do you do with them?

When trying to decide, you have four primary considerations…

  1. Safety
  2. Comfort
  3. Noise
  4. Cost



According to the National Safety Council, one million injuries are caused each year by stairway falls. And those are just the ones that get reported. How many times have you slipped on a stair and landed with a thump, bruising some part of your body? For the very young and very old, stairs can be perilous.

When you have stairs in your home, especially if you have kids, animals or elderly parents, you want to consider safety first. Bare wood, tile, or marble stairs are slippery and dangerous. Carpet runners for stairs reduce the slipping hazard.

Carpet runners come in a variety of materials and styles to choose from so you can easily match one to your design aesthetic. There is no reason for you to sacrifice safety for style.


It is hard to match the comfort of soft carpeting underfoot. Combined with a high-quality underpad, a carpet runner on your stairs will help absorb the shock on your ankles, knees, and hips as you descend multiple times a day.

Carpet runners also provide added warmth, perfect for sneaky, nighttime forays to the kitchen for that last piece of pie.

Plus, if you do happen to fall, a carpet runner is a much softer landing pad than the hard edges of bare stairs.


Creaky and stairs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Stairs get a lot of traffic and over time the treads and risers loosen just enough that you get creaky stairs. Plus, the construction of stairs usually places them over a hollow space, amplifying the creaks like a drum.

While that noise can be helpful if you have teenagers trying to sneak in after curfew, it’s generally more of a daily annoyance you just live with. And if you are a night owl, those creaks can be particularly annoying if you’re trying to get upstairs without waking anyone up.

Fortunately, a carpet runner can muffle those creaks very effectively. Choose a deep pile carpet and a solid underpad if your creaky stairs are truly deafening.


Installing a carpet runner on your stairs is a cost-effective alternative to either refinishing existing treads and risers or installing new ones. For a fraction of the cost, you can install a carpet runner that matches your personality and style.

Stair runners come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns so you don’t ever have to settle for “good enough.”

The added cost savings is in time. Replacing or refinishing your stairs can take days or weeks and completely disrupt your daily routines. But you can have a brand new carpet runner for your stairs installed in a few hours.

Options Aplenty

The big benefit of choosing to install a carpet runner for your stairs is the versatility. You have so many options to pick from that you can update the look of your stairs as often as you update the other decorative details of your home for what is, comparatively short money.

For additional information on how to choose a carpet runner for your stairs, check out our next blog: “5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Runner for Stairs”

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