4 Uses for Carpet Runners You Never Thought of Before


In the flooring world, carpet runners are often afterthoughts. Maybe you’ve got a hallway that seems a little bare. Maybe you’ve got a foyer that needs some color.

But the carpet runner is actually a very versatile, affordable floor covering that you could be using in a variety of ways that you’ve never thought of before. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Event Carpeting


Whether you’re having a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, birthday party or any other special occasion, carpet runners are fantastic for sprucing up tired floors, directing traffic, improving safety, and elevating event quality.

If you’re having a fancy event outside, carpet runners are a must-have. There is nothing worse than walking on grass or dirt in a full-length gown or in heels. Carpet runners laid over earth or plywood planking provide solid walking surfaces to and from the parking lot, between tents, and across open spaces.


When you have stairs in your home, especially if you have kids, animals, or elderly parents, you want to consider safety first. Bare wood, tile, or marble stairs are slippery and dangerous. Carpet runners for stairs reduce the slipping hazard.

Similarly, outside walkways in the winter can become slick with ice and frost. During the holiday season, when we are hosting friends and family more frequently, having a length of aisle runner rolled in the closet to lay over the walkway is a smart and safety-minded decision.



Hardwoods, tile, marble are all attractive flooring options and right now they are in style. But they are hard, cold surfaces that not only chill the feet but add extra stress to your joints and lower back, especially in the areas where you do a lot of standing still, such as in the kitchen. Carpet runners keep your feet warm and the soft textures cushion your spine and joints.


At the office, carpet runners dress up the floor but they can do far more. Custom carpet runners with your company logo are great for office waiting rooms, front entrances, and off-site events such as conventions and conferences.

Red carpet runners are perfect for promoting grand openings, company parties, and for welcoming new employees, partners, and clients. Rolling out the red carpet always makes your guests feel important and welcome.

Final Word

Carpet runners aren’t just for hallways anymore. Their size and affordability make them a versatile piece of decor that can be swapped in and out for a variety of occasions and serve multiple purposes.

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