3 Ideas to Make Your Oscars Party Unforgettable

The biggest night in all of Hollywood is almost here. Don’t ruin your Oscars night by throwing a snoozer party where everyone sits around the TV actually watching the Oscars.

Sure, the Oscars provide the perfect excuse to throw a party on a Sunday night but they don’t need to be the only attraction. Make your friends and family the main attraction with these easy party ideas.

Idea #1: Dress Up

Skip the tuxedos and fancy gowns – we’ve all seen them before. And let’s face it, who wants to compete with the beauties on the big screen?

Instead, turn your Oscars party into a Hollywood costume party. Dress up as your favorite movie characters from the greatest movies of all time. Hand out prizes for the best costumes and award extra credit for full ensembles.

Spice up the competition by adding a specific theme to the night. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

  • The Golden Age of Hollywood: Pick movie characters from the 1940s and 1950s
  • Hollywood Goes to Space: Perfect for the science fiction crowd but you might want to limit the number of Han Solos and Princess Leias you let in through the doors!
  • Best Pictures Only: There are 91 Best Pictures with a lot of great characters to choose from spanning 9 decades of Hollywood styles
  • Oscar Rejects: Choose characters from the worst films of all time and take them to the Oscars party they never got invited to.

Idea #2: Walk the Red Carpet

Honestly, the best part of Oscars night is usually the red carpet celebrity interviews. You can create the perfect Instagram moments for your friends with a length of red carpet runner, some obnoxious questions, and a lot of cameras.

You can get a red carpet for parties from a local carpet store or you can order one online at redcarpetstore.com. Depending on your weather, your home, and the number of guests you invite, you can do this either inside or on the front walk leading up to your door.

Add to the fun by awarding prizes for the best red carpet walk, the best over-the-shoulder shot, the funniest interview answers, or the best character impersonation.

The more fun you have with this, the more people will post to their social media and share the fun with everyone else.

Idea #3: Embrace a Theme!

Social media will be flooded with pictures of gold and black balloons, Oscar-shaped cookies, etc. etc.

How boring!

Get more creative and embrace a fun Hollywood theme. Apply it to your decorations, food, drinks, games, and your costumes, like I mentioned earlier.

If you like a Golden Age theme, mix up some highballs, Manhattans, and pink squirrels for everyone to enjoy. If you like a Western theme, then serve some ribs, steaks, beans, whiskey, and beer.

The best picture nominees this year offer some rich possibilities with six different period pieces, anti-heros, fast cars, complex relationship issues, and some iconic bad guys.

Be Memorable

The Oscars themselves are a little hit or miss when it comes to being memorable. But you can make your party unforgettable with just a little creativity. Your guests will go home happy and satisfied because you made the Oscars the backdrop and not the center stage.

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