5 Easy Improvements to Your Office Decor that will Boost Productivity

How many hours a day do you and your co-workers spend in the office? How many hours does that add up to over the year?

Now, take a moment and look at your office. Walk around the larger space that your company occupies and that your co-workers spend so many hours of their lives working within. How does it make you feel?

Physical environment has a significant impact on our mood, our outlook, and on our productivity. But few companies place enough emphasis on the creation of a physical workspace that is comfortable, rejuvenating, inspiring, and healthy for the staff.

Instead, the physical environment is a place to put desks, computers, filing cabinets, and whatever else is necessary to keep the business running. But the most important asset for any business is the staff. If the physical environment is negatively impacting them, then it is also negatively impacting your business.

While a major renovation of your company space would be great, it might not be in this year’s budget so what can you do quickly and on a smaller budget that will improve the quality of your workspace?

And yes, this also applies for those of you who work at home.

1.Add Color


Too much beige, off-white, taupe or any of those bland neutral colors can suck the life from your soul. Yet they are the go-to colors for office wall color.

A study done by the University of Massachusetts found that adding color to the office reduces stress, increases creativity, enhances morale, and encourages discussions and expressions of opinions.

You don’t have to re-paint your entire office to embrace the benefits of color. Break up the neutral wall paint with splashes of color throughout your office.

  • Paint accent walls throughout your space with bright, vibrant color that draws the eye and makes everyone smile.
  • If your lease doesn’t allow you to paint the walls, then hang large colorful wall-hangings. You don’t have to spend a ton on fine art to get color on the wall. You can buy colorful fabric, cut it into large shapes, and pin them to your walls. Be creative, think outside the (beige) box.
  • Put color on the floor instead. Bright carpet runners — in patterns or solids — add not only color but also texture to the workspace. You can buy stock items or you can buy custom carpet runners with inspirational words, employee names, or images of your products — you are limited only by your own imagination.

2.Add Light

Natural light refreshes us and invigorates us. Is there enough natural light entering the workspace?

Dark, poorly ventilated workspaces increase absences and decrease worker productivity. It’s bad for your business.

If you can add more natural light to the workspace, you can increase employee satisfaction which decreases absence rates and increases productivity. Stripping dusty blinds and curtains from the windows is a start but not all office spaces have access to enough natural light.

If you don’t have enough windows or there are obstructions preventing the light from spreading — anything from walls and offices inside to trees and other buildings outside — then invest in high quality lighting.

Overhead fluorescent lights have been shown to inflict eye strain, headaches, and even anxiety in workers forced to endure long hours beneath their glare. Turn off the overheads and turn on softer, healthier lighting with floor and desk lights throughout the workspace.

3.Give Life to Your Workspace


Plants not only add brilliant color to your workspace but they also help clean your air and provide you with fresh oxygen. Plants have been shown to increase cognitive awareness and clarity when added liberally to our living spaces. Why should your office be any different?

Here are some easy-to-care-for plant recommendations you can find at your local nurseries.

  • Snake Plant — tough and perfectly sized for desks, tabletops, and on top of filing cabinets.
  • English Ivy — simple to grow and the trailing tendrils will soften the hard lines of cubicles.
  • ZZ Plant — dark green succulent that thrives in low-light (it’ll live just fine under those harsh fluorescent bulbs.)
  • Philodendron — another hard-to-kill trailing plant with bright green leaves. Great for placing up high where the heart-shaped leaves can hang down.
  • Parlor Palm — dwarf tree perfect for breaking up spaces and filling empty corners.
  • Weeping Fig — another floor tree that is great for filtering pollutants from your carpets and furniture. The bright, waxy green leaves add vibrant color.

As you walk out of the office each day, just dump the water left in your water bottle in these plants and they will thrive.



Make your company Vision or Mission visible and a part of your work environment. Too often these critical company statements get filed away even though they are supposed to guide and inspire everyone in the business.

What accomplishments — both company-wide and employee-specific — are you particularly proud of? Why not literally splash them all over your workspace? You can easily add printed graphics through the office in many forms.

  • Stencil them on your walls. Hire a graphic artist student from the local university to turn your walls into inspiring artworks.
  • Laser-etched wall-hangings. Sign-makers can now laser etch words into metal to create long lasting, beautiful wall hangings.
  • Custom carpet runners and mats. Not only do they add soft textures to your workspace, customer carpet runners and mats can inspire with your logo, vision, or brand values.


Help your employees personalize their workspaces. I’m not talking about hanging family pictures on the dull gray walls of their cubicles. I’m talking about selecting their workstations — desks, chairs, organizers, etc. I’m talking about adding their own color — personalized area rugs, wall colors, plants, etc.

It is very hard to feel like you belong and you are valued when your workspace screams “cog in the machine.” If you don’t want pictures taped to the walls, then give your employees personalized pin boards, picture frames, and other ways to incorporate personal items without making the office look messy and unprofessional.

Don’t Wait

You can make inexpensive, easy changes to your company work environment this week that will help boost employee morale and productivity. The important thing is to not underestimate the importance of physical space — we want to feel comfortable, energized, and inspired by where we work.

Benefits of Using Carpet Runners for Stairs


Stairs, like the houses around them, come in a multitude of forms. Sweeping, boxed in, with landings or without, grand or utilitarian — the real question is: What do you do with them?

When trying to decide, you have four primary considerations…

  1. Safety
  2. Comfort
  3. Noise
  4. Cost



According to the National Safety Council, one million injuries are caused each year by stairway falls. And those are just the ones that get reported. How many times have you slipped on a stair and landed with a thump, bruising some part of your body? For the very young and very old, stairs can be perilous.

When you have stairs in your home, especially if you have kids, animals or elderly parents, you want to consider safety first. Bare wood, tile, or marble stairs are slippery and dangerous. Carpet runners for stairs reduce the slipping hazard.

Carpet runners come in a variety of materials and styles to choose from so you can easily match one to your design aesthetic. There is no reason for you to sacrifice safety for style.


It is hard to match the comfort of soft carpeting underfoot. Combined with a high-quality underpad, a carpet runner on your stairs will help absorb the shock on your ankles, knees, and hips as you descend multiple times a day.

Carpet runners also provide added warmth, perfect for sneaky, nighttime forays to the kitchen for that last piece of pie.

Plus, if you do happen to fall, a carpet runner is a much softer landing pad than the hard edges of bare stairs.


Creaky and stairs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Stairs get a lot of traffic and over time the treads and risers loosen just enough that you get creaky stairs. Plus, the construction of stairs usually places them over a hollow space, amplifying the creaks like a drum.

While that noise can be helpful if you have teenagers trying to sneak in after curfew, it’s generally more of a daily annoyance you just live with. And if you are a night owl, those creaks can be particularly annoying if you’re trying to get upstairs without waking anyone up.

Fortunately, a carpet runner can muffle those creaks very effectively. Choose a deep pile carpet and a solid underpad if your creaky stairs are truly deafening.


Installing a carpet runner on your stairs is a cost-effective alternative to either refinishing existing treads and risers or installing new ones. For a fraction of the cost, you can install a carpet runner that matches your personality and style.

Stair runners come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns so you don’t ever have to settle for “good enough.”

The added cost savings is in time. Replacing or refinishing your stairs can take days or weeks and completely disrupt your daily routines. But you can have a brand new carpet runner for your stairs installed in a few hours.

Options Aplenty

The big benefit of choosing to install a carpet runner for your stairs is the versatility. You have so many options to pick from that you can update the look of your stairs as often as you update the other decorative details of your home for what is, comparatively short money.

For additional information on how to choose a carpet runner for your stairs, check out our next blog: “5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Runner for Stairs”

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Runner for Stairs


Carpet runners are a great choice for your stairs, whether they are a central feature of your home or tucked off to the side. You can read more about the “Benefits of Using Carpet Runners for Stairs” in our blog.

But once you choose to install a carpet runner on your stairs, what decisions will you have to make? Each decision will impact your cost one way or another. Before you talk to area carpet installers, you want to have some baseline decisions made and you want to have your list of follow up questions ready.

The five most important considerations are:

  1. Width
  2. Length
  3. Material
  4. Underpad
  5. Style



Standard width for a carpet runner on stairs ultimately depends on the width of your stairs, but a good rule of thumb is that you want 4-5 inches of exposed stair on each side of the carpet runner.

If your stairs are 36 inches wide, then you want a runner 27 inches wide. If you have wider stairs, say 48 or 60 inches wide, you could easily extend the exposed area to 6-8 inches on either side. Ultimately, your goal is to avoid having too narrow a strip of carpet running down your stairs because it will increase the likelihood of slipping rather than reduce it.

If your stair treads underneath are plain wood — without the bullnosing typical of finished treads — then you will probably want a full width carpet runner covering the entire tread and riser.


To approximate the amount of carpet runner by the foot that you’ll need to order, you want to measure the amount needed for each stair and then multiply by the number of stairs that you have. Add at least 24 inches to the entire order to account for cutting and fitting. Stair runners are not typically installed in one piece — they are cut into individual stair pieces and then fitted together so they appear to be one solid piece.

Your stair has 3 parts that need to be measured: the tread, the front edge, and the riser. The length of the tread is measured from the bottom of the previous riser to the front edge. The front edge is often rounded and curves underneath until it meets the riser. Use a piece of string or cord to determine the length around the front edge and then measure your string. The riser length is measured from top to bottom. Add the 3 lengths together and then multiply by the number of stairs.

If you’ve measured in inches, make sure to convert to feet by dividing the total length by 12. Also, if you carry your carpet runner through any landings, don’t forget to measure the length of each landing.


Material is an important consideration when choosing a carpet runner for your stairs because durability should be a #1 priority.

Olefin, polyester, and acrylic are perfect for event carpeting because they have the lowest price point and will help your event stay on budget. Because long-term durability is not necessary in event carpeting, these are the go-to materials for event planners. For residential and commercial use, you will want to consider the other materials with greater durability.

Nylon is the most popular choice because of it’s durability and price. However, stain resistance varies greatly between manufacturers. Cost effective and long-lasting, nylon carpet runners are an easy choice for your stairs but they aren’t the only choice.

Wool carpet runners are both highly durable and stain resistant but they are more expensive. They are 100% natural and therefore do not require as many fossil fuels to produce as the synthetic carpets, such as nylon. However, wool is susceptible to mildew if exposed to moisture and not dried properly.

Sisal (pronounced sigh-suhl) is another all natural carpet material. Made from the fibers of the sisal plant — in the agave family — sisal is very durable and non-toxic. It is also biodegradable, which is beneficial should it someday end up in the landfill. While durable, sisal is also rougher to the touch than wool or acrylic. Softness may be less of a concern on the stairs, but you will want to feel the material before making a final decision.



You will want to install a pad beneath your carpet runner but it will need to be thinner so it doesn’t raise the height of your tread too much. Choose a ¼ inch thick underpad, preferably a rubber pad because it is firm and dense and will not compress as much over time.



I’ve saved style for last because the choices are practically limitless. You can choose a bold, patterned carpet runner if you want to draw attention to your stairs. You can choose a muted, neutral color if you want to complement but not compete with vibrant wall colors. You can match just about any wall color or design aesthetic that you can think of. Your only limits are what you can find in either in-store or online and your budget.

However, you might also consider the amount of stair you leave exposed as another style element. This is dependent on the quality of your naked stairs. You may want to leave as much high-quality finished stair exposed as possible while still retaining the safety benefits of a secure carpet runner. For example, you can cover the stair tread but leave the riser exposed.

You can also accentuate your carpet runner and the stairs themselves by using decorative rods, placed where the bottom of the riser meets the inside edge of the tread. These rods are not used to hold the carpet runner in place — a popular misconception — but are used merely to draw the eye and add flair to your stair. Brass, nickel, and wrought iron are three popular materials depending on the style of your home.

Be Prepared

Before ordering online or speaking with a carpet salesperson, you want to be prepared with a list of questions to ask and a list of your own priorities that you want fulfilled. Hopefully, this list has helped you identify your top questions as well as make some important decisions before you walk in the showroom.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you want a carpet runner for your stairs, check out our blog on the “Benefits of Using Carpet Runners for Stairs”.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Runner


Carpet runners, sometimes referred to as aisle runners, are versatile, affordable, decorative floor enhancements that you can change easily to match any number of occasions. They roll up nicely and can be stored compactly.

When making a decision, there are 6 things you ought to consider:

  1. Use
  2. Size
  3. Material
  4. What’s Underneath
  5. Style
  6. Custom Options

Let’s dive into each…



Because they are so versatile, we see carpet runners in all sorts of situations. Here are several of our favorite uses for them:

  • Event Carpeting: Whether you’re having a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, birthday party or any other special occasion, carpet runners are fantastic for sprucing up tired floors, directing traffic, improving safety, and elevating event quality.
  • Stair Safety: When you have stairs in your home, especially if you have kids, elderly parents, or a dog in a hurry you want to consider safety first. Bare wood, tile, or marble stairs are slippery and dangerous. Carpet runners installed on stairs reduce the slipping hazard.
  • Comfort: Hardwood, tile, and marble are all attractive flooring options and right now they are in style. But they are hard, cold surfaces that not only chill the feet but add extra stress to your joints and lower back, especially in the areas where you do a lot of standing still, such as in the kitchen. Carpet runners keep your feet warm and the soft textures cushion your spine and joints.
  • Decor: In-home and at the office, carpet runners dress up the floor. Carpet runners add color, texture, and patterns that can either complement your existing decor or offset a particular feature so it “pops.”
  • Transition: The hallway runner is a perfect example of a transition, usually from the front door to the rest of the house. Carpet runners can be used in all sorts of transitions within your home and workspaces to bridge different spaces, unite them aesthetically, while keeping them distinct from one another.



Once you determine all the ways in which you want to use carpet runners, you need to measure the width and length of the space you want occupied.

Typically, carpet runners come in standard widths, anything from 3 feet to 12 feet, but you can have them cut to fit exact widths down to the inch of what you need. When determining your width, it is just as important to consider how much floor you want exposed. Carpet runners do not typically cover the entire width of a space so take note of floor quality when deciding how much to leave open to view.

You can purchase carpet runners by the foot and have it cut to any length needed. When estimating for stairs, estimate 1.75 linear feet per step. This gives you enough for each step plus a couple inches in case you lose material during cutting and installation. If you are installing a runner with an intricate pattern 2’ per step is recommended.



Material is an important consideration when choosing a carpet runner, especially in high traffic areas where durability should be a #1 priority.

  • Olefin, polyester, and acrylic are perfect for event carpeting because they have the lowest price point and will help your event stay on budget. Because long-term durability is not necessary in event carpeting, these are the go-to materials for event planners. For residential and commercial use, you will want to consider the other materials with greater durability.
  • Nylon is the most popular choice because of its durability and price. However, stain resistance varies greatly between manufacturers. Cost-effective and long-lasting, nylon carpet runners are an easy choice but they aren’t the only choice.
  • Wool carpet runners are both highly durable and stain-resistant but they are more expensive. They are 100% natural and therefore do not require as many fossil fuels to produce as the synthetic carpets, such as nylon. However, wool is susceptible to mildew if exposed to moisture and not dried properly.
  • Sisal (pronounced sigh-suhl) is another all-natural carpet material. Made from the fibers of the sisal plant — a member of the agave family — sisal is very durable and non-toxic. It is also biodegradable, which is beneficial should it someday end up in the landfill. While durable, sisal is also rougher to the touch than wool or acrylic. If you want a carpet runner that is soft to the touch you will want to feel the material before making a final decision.

Regardless of what material you use, you want to make sure it is bound with a high-strength zig-zag stitch that ensures a tight bond with the carpet backing.

4.What’s Underneath

In your home, you will want to install a high-quality pad beneath your carpet runner for extra cushioning.

If you are using it on stairs, it will need to be thinner so it doesn’t raise the height of your tread too much. Choose a ¼ inch thick underpad, preferably a rubber pad because it is firm and dense and will not compress as much over time.

To keep your carpet runner from “traveling” along the floor, I recommend applying a liquid latex coating to the backing of any carpet. This will enhance the strength of the binding on the edge as well as create a “Non Slip” surface on the backing of the rug.



When it comes to floor runner rugs, your choices are practically limitless. You can choose a bold, patterned runner if you want to draw attention to it or accentuate a nearby feature, such as a staircase or piece of furniture.

You can choose a muted, neutral color if you want to complement but not compete with vibrant wall colors. You can also match just about any wall color or design aesthetic that you can think of. Your only limits are what you can find either in store or online within your budget.

Red carpet runners are an exciting accessory to any event, especially for award-themed parties (think Oscars, Grammys, Tonys), company events, and grand openings. But a white carpet runner adds classic grace to any event, especially high-end weddings.

6.Custom Options

While the majority of aisle runners are rectangular, they don’t have to be. Depending on the size of your space, you can custom cut your carpet runner into a variety of shapes, including circles, ovals, hearts, shamrocks, L-shapes, etc.

You can also create custom color combinations in specific patterns such as stripes and polka dots. A candy cane striped pattern is perfect for welcoming guests to your company holiday party. A black runner with gold and silver stars is perfect for your New Year’s Eve bash and keeps people from slipping on your icy front walkway.

Company logos can be embedded into custom carpet runners. These are great for office waiting rooms, front entrances, off-site events such as conventions and conferences.

No Limits

Because carpet runners are so affordable and so versatile, you can literally use them in hundreds of different ways. Their size also makes them easy to roll up, store, transport, and clean. This makes them perfect for outdoor events (over grass so high heels don’t sink in), photo shoots (inside or outside they protect knees and clothes from getting dirty), company events (trade show booths, off-site team meetings), and seasonal decor changes within your home.

Last Minute Idea to Up Your Oscar Party Game


What’s the best part about the Oscars?

Is it the speeches? Is it the performances? For the second year in a row, there will be no host (remember how great Billy Crystal was?)

Let’s face it, the best part about the Oscars are the red carpet interviews beforehand. Candid, off-the-cuff, and unpredictable, the red carpet runner pre-game is more entertaining than the rest of the awards show.

Now, what’s the best part about your Oscars party?

Is it the show itself? Is it the food and drink? Is it the balloons and other decorations?

Or is it your friends and family?

The answer is pretty obvious of course so how can you put the Oscars in the background and your friends on center stage this year at your Oscars party?

Answer: Have a Red Carpet Event


Listen, no event is a party without great reasons to take fun pictures, laugh, be silly, and just play around. What better way than to strut the red carpet, answer ridiculous questions, make hilarious poses throughout the night?

A simple red carpet runner from your local store or purchased online provides the perfect vehicle for party fun – not to mention some incredible Instagram moments.

But you have to embrace the spirit of the red carpet.

Friends and family (this is really fun if you’ve got kids!) should be encouraged to be as Hollywood outrageous as possible. Hand out awards for best red carpet strut, best over the shoulder pose, funniest interview answer, most ridiculous interview question, most awkward red carpet kiss, most outrageous outfit.

The opportunity for fun is limited only by your imagination.

Here’s how you set it up beforehand:

  1. Order a red carpet runner. You can do this either inside or outside depending on your weather, your home, and the number of guests you invite, but a 6-10 foot runner should do the trick. You may be able to pick one up at your local flooring store but you can also order one online at redcarpetstore.com
  2. Pick your award categories
  3. Write a handful of silly interview questions out on notecards
  4. Pick up some prizes – silly is always more fun than expensive
  5. Tell your guests what you’re doing but don’t tell them the categories or the questions – you want their responses to be spontaneous

Here’s how you make it happen

  1. Lay your red carpet where you’ve got enough space for people to watch and take pictures. You can use a white sheet as a backdrop if needed
  2. Don’t start right away – let people arrive, get settled, have a drink or two first.
  3. Before the Oscars begin, start the game. Walk the carpet, strike a pose, answer silly questions – the point is just to have some fun and get some great pictures.
  4. Announce the winners and hand out prizes – you can decide yourself or have people vote.


Your Friends and Family Are the Real Stars

The Oscars are a great excuse to throw a party on a Sunday night, but the real entertainment isn’t on TV. It’s in the memories that you are creating with your loved ones. So whether you throw a red carpet event or do something totally different, make sure you laugh a lot and take lots of pictures.

3 Ideas to Make Your Oscars Party Unforgettable


The biggest night in all of Hollywood is almost here. Don’t ruin your Oscars night by throwing a snoozer party where everyone sits around the TV actually watching the Oscars.

Sure, the Oscars provide the perfect excuse to throw a party on a Sunday night but they don’t need to be the only attraction. Make your friends and family the main attraction with these easy party ideas.

Idea #1: Dress Up

Skip the tuxedos and fancy gowns – we’ve all seen them before. And let’s face it, who wants to compete with the beauties on the big screen?

Instead, turn your Oscars party into a Hollywood costume party. Dress up as your favorite movie characters from the greatest movies of all time. Hand out prizes for the best costumes and award extra credit for full ensembles.

Spice up the competition by adding a specific theme to the night. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

  • The Golden Age of Hollywood: Pick movie characters from the 1940s and 1950s
  • Hollywood Goes to Space: Perfect for the science fiction crowd but you might want to limit the number of Han Solos and Princess Leias you let in through the doors!
  • Best Pictures Only: There are 91 Best Pictures with a lot of great characters to choose from spanning 9 decades of Hollywood styles
  • Oscar Rejects: Choose characters from the worst films of all time and take them to the Oscars party they never got invited to.

Idea #2: Walk the Red Carpet


Honestly, the best part of Oscars night is usually the red carpet celebrity interviews. You can create the perfect Instagram moments for your friends with a length of red carpet runner, some obnoxious questions, and a lot of cameras.

You can get a red carpet for parties from a local carpet store or you can order one online at redcarpetstore.com. Depending on your weather, your home, and the number of guests you invite, you can do this either inside or on the front walk leading up to your door.

Add to the fun by awarding prizes for the best red carpet walk, the best over-the-shoulder shot, the funniest interview answers, or the best character impersonation.

The more fun you have with this, the more people will post to their social media and share the fun with everyone else.

Idea #3: Embrace a Theme!

Social media will be flooded with pictures of gold and black balloons, Oscar-shaped cookies, etc. etc.

How boring!

Get more creative and embrace a fun Hollywood theme. Apply it to your decorations, food, drinks, games, and your costumes, like I mentioned earlier.

If you like a Golden Age theme, mix up some highballs, Manhattans, and pink squirrels for everyone to enjoy. If you like a Western theme, then serve some ribs, steaks, beans, whiskey, and beer.

The best picture nominees this year offer some rich possibilities with six different period pieces, anti-heros, fast cars, complex relationship issues, and some iconic bad guys.

Be Memorable

The Oscars themselves are a little hit or miss when it comes to being memorable. But you can make your party unforgettable with just a little creativity. Your guests will go home happy and satisfied because you made the Oscars the backdrop and not the center stage.

How to Throw the Perfect Oscars Party


There are two Sunday nights every year that it’s okay to throw a party on. The first is the night of the Oscars. The second has to do with some sporting event or other…I forget which.

This year, you and your friends are going to throw an Oscars night party that’ll make your faraway friends on Instagram and Facebook wish they lived a lot closer. To do this, you need the right plan.

Let’s walk through the most critical questions that will ultimately determine if your party takes home the Oscar or goes home a loser.

Step 1: The Guest List

There is simply one question here that will, literally, shape your entire party:

Kids or No Kids?

First, if you and your friends are only just getting into the childbearing years of adulthood then this is a no-brainer – call the babysitter. Nothing puts a damper on a fun evening more than an overtired baby or toddler.

Second, if you and your friends have kids covering an assortment of ages, then you have some decisions to make.

On the one hand, kids are entertaining. They’ll sing, they’ll perform, they’ll play games, and they love to be included. Staying up late is a special occasion for them and it’s great to give them that every once in a while.

But on the other hand, kids will keep your party PG. This could stifle the humor, the drinking, and how late the party goes. So this is a big decision to make. Think carefully.

Step 2: The Dress Code

If you’ve got kids coming, then you might opt for casual clothes suitable for playing on the floor. But if you’ve nixed the kids, then you have some fun options.

First option is to go dressy. How many opportunities do we really get to dress up, have some cocktails with friends, and not worry about the boss looking over your shoulder? Break out the suit, break out the gown, break out the uncomfortable shoes.

Second option is to go sexy. It’s a night out after all so let’s take full advantage of the evening. It’s a perfect night for the little black party dress, the un-tucked button-down with the sleeves rolled, and a little bling to impress.

Third option is to go in character. You have to have a willing group of friends but if you all really love the movies then you’ll jump at the chance to dress up like your favorite movie character. You can also take your theme to the next level – Golden Age characters, Best Picture characters, Sci-Fi characters…you get the picture.

Fourth option is to go in pajamas. Hey, you have to work the next day so while you want to hang with your friends you also want to be relaxed, cozy, and ready to jump into bed as soon as the last guest exits.

Step 3: Roll Out the Red Carpet


What is an Oscars party without a red carpet themed arrival? Order a red carpet runner online or from your local store and really raise your game.

Turn the whole moment into a fun game with prizes for best red carpet strut, best over-the-shoulder pose, most awkward runway kiss, etc. You can even do up some funny interview questions and give prizes for the best answers.

Get the entire thing on video and you’ve got social media gold – at least for you and your friends. At the very least, a red carpet runner creates an awesome Instagram moment for all of your guests that will really set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Step 4: Set the Menu


First consideration is the number of guests you’re inviting. Smaller numbers means you can do a fancy sit-down dinner but as your numbers increase you really move towards buffet style and then to finger foods and snacks.

Second consideration is your theme. If you’re having fancy dress but you’re serving buffalo wings then you’re going to have some awkward moments among your guests. If you’re doing a 1950s theme then cocktail weiners, mac and cheese, hamburger sliders, and onion rings might work perfectly.

Classic movie snacks work perfectly across all themes and add a little cinema magic to the evening. Popcorn, snowcaps, junior mints – the classics never disappoint.

Regardless, your primary goal is to get the food prepped ahead of time so you can spend time with your guests. Strike a balance between hot food you need to watch in the oven and cold food that goes from fridge to table easily and room temperature snacks you can strategically place throughout the party space well ahead of time.

Step 5: Don’t Forget the Drinks


You probably have a sense of what your friends already drink but it’s wise to have a selection on hand of soft drinks, beer, wine, hard alcohol, and mixers. Whatever you do, don’t make your guests search your fridge for a drink, your cabinets for a glass, or your drawers for an opener. Get everything ready and in one place. Use a cooler for cold drinks and set up a table for everything else.

If you’ve gone with a particular theme, you can match your drinks to it. If you’re doing a Golden Age of Hollywood theme, then brush up on your recipes for highballs, martinis (gin, not vodka), and pink squirrels (oh, it’s a drink all right)

Step 6: Decorate!

Gold and black balloons are a bit cliche for an Oscars party but if you’ve gone with fancy dress then they may be perfect.

However, I recommend you explore other options like old movie posters, cardboard popcorn boxes, red carpet runners for stairs and hallways. You can rent old-fashioned popcorn carts from your equipment rental store.

Step 7: Play Some Games

While the Oscars on TV give you a reason to host a red carpet themed party, it’s not much of a party if all your guests are just staring at the TV all night. Adding a few games into the mix puts your guests in the spotlight and generates memorable stories that will make your party unforgettable.

Handing out Oscar ballots for people to fill out is an easy, fun way to get the evening started as people talk about the different movies they’ve seen over the year. You can find them online and print them yourself.

Oscar bingo is also a fun way to make TV watching a little more interactive. Search online for “oscar bingo cards” and you’ll have a selection of printable cards to choose from.

For parties without kids, there are any number of drinking games you can play. Take a drink every time someone thanks their mother will probably leave you hurting in the morning.

Just remember to be responsible and safe – collect car keys beforehand and make sure the person in charge of deciding who can drive home or not stays sober. Don’t hesitate to call someone an Uber or Lyft – better safe than sorry.

Step 8: Make Some Great Memories

Let’s face it, as adults, we don’t spend nearly enough time with our friends and family. So when you have the opportunity (or an excuse) to have a party, make the most of it. Don’t sit around a TV together. Make the evening special. Make it movie-worthy.

2017 MET Gala Carpet: Not Your Typical Red Carpet

Katy Perry Met Gala 2017 Rihanna Met Gala 2017

14 Years of Dedication to the MET Gala “Red” Event

RedCarpetStore is proud to announce our work with the 2017 MET Gala, the “Oscars of the East”.

And as Dwayne Holmberg of Raul Avila, designer for the MET Gala, told us:

“From order to execution, nothing compares to RedCarpetStore. I could not do it without them.”

For the 14th consecutive year our crew geared up to take on the largest and most prestigious event on the east coast. The project began in September of 2016 in the first meeting at the MET. And they uttered the dreaded words we should be used to hearing: “We want Sisal again.”

What is Sisal Carpet?

The toughest, heaviest, and hardest carpet material we work with. There are faux products out there, but that wasn’t an option because they wanted the best. We needed real woven Sisal carpet…and a lot of it.

Does it seam well? No. Does it fair well with moisture? No. Does it bend easily? No. Sisal carpet is our toughest opponent, but for the MET Gala, only the best will do. And RedCarpetStore is the best.

So a week later an order for 8000 yards of Sisal carpet was ordered from across the world. We waited a few months and finally got the call. It’s here. Now on to step two: get the carpet painted.

We loaded all 56 rolls into our trucks and proceeded to drive them to our neighbor in Long Island to be hand painted. Two weeks later we were on our way back to pick it up. Beautiful blue accents and designs were hand-painted on the fragile material. Every piece was marked and noted as to how it was to fit together on site to fulfill the project vision.

After a few more meetings and trips to the MET to iron out various details, the event was almost here. With the help of 60+ of our masterful installers, we embarked on our 4-day adventure into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to install 8000 yards of carpet up stairs, around corners, across wide stretches of floor.

We Go the Extra Mile for All Our Clients

Day and night we worked. We hit some obstacles and roadblocks along the way. For example, the floors at the MET are very delicate and before we used our double sided tape we decided to take extra care and mark the entire job with painter’s tape first so we wouldn’t risk damaging the floors. The outside portion of carpet was also complicated as we had to lay it out spur-of-the-moment — thankfully we not only had enough material, but that we could adapt on the fly! But the biggest obstacle was, by far, the long staircase and ballroom.

The staircase alone took us almost 24 hours to cover. One at a time, we wrestled with the material to make it perfectly contour to each step. But with a lot of determination (and coffee) we finished the job!

Quality Craftsmanship and Dedication

Afterwards, we spoke with the head coordinator and walked the site not once, not twice, but three times to ensure everything was perfect. The Blue sections needed to be perfectly symmetrical and every step on the staircase needed to be 100% secure. And believe me…there were a lot of steps.

In the end, I was extremely proud of the entire RedCarpetStore staff for a flawless install. And two days later our crew returned to the MET and we ripped it all out! The 2017 MET Gala was over and it was time for RedCarpetStore to move on to its next big project.

The MET Gala is considered to be one of the largest fashion events in the world as well as one of the primary fundraisers for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. We at RedCarpetStore are extremely thankful and humbled to be involved with this event. We look forward to being the supplier for their carpet for years to come.

RedCarpetStore is always ready to delivery over and above

Please contact us so we can make your next event a truly “Red Carpet!