Last Minute Idea to Up Your Oscar Party Game


What’s the best part about the Oscars?

Is it the speeches? Is it the performances? For the second year in a row, there will be no host (remember how great Billy Crystal was?)

Let’s face it, the best part about the Oscars are the red carpet interviews beforehand. Candid, off-the-cuff, and unpredictable, the red carpet runner pre-game is more entertaining than the rest of the awards show.

Now, what’s the best part about your Oscars party?

Is it the show itself? Is it the food and drink? Is it the balloons and other decorations?

Or is it your friends and family?

The answer is pretty obvious of course so how can you put the Oscars in the background and your friends on center stage this year at your Oscars party?

Answer: Have a Red Carpet Event


Listen, no event is a party without great reasons to take fun pictures, laugh, be silly, and just play around. What better way than to strut the red carpet, answer ridiculous questions, make hilarious poses throughout the night?

A simple red carpet runner from your local store or purchased online provides the perfect vehicle for party fun – not to mention some incredible Instagram moments.

But you have to embrace the spirit of the red carpet.

Friends and family (this is really fun if you’ve got kids!) should be encouraged to be as Hollywood outrageous as possible. Hand out awards for best red carpet strut, best over the shoulder pose, funniest interview answer, most ridiculous interview question, most awkward red carpet kiss, most outrageous outfit.

The opportunity for fun is limited only by your imagination.

Here’s how you set it up beforehand:

  1. Order a red carpet runner. You can do this either inside or outside depending on your weather, your home, and the number of guests you invite, but a 6-10 foot runner should do the trick. You may be able to pick one up at your local flooring store but you can also order one online at
  2. Pick your award categories
  3. Write a handful of silly interview questions out on notecards
  4. Pick up some prizes – silly is always more fun than expensive
  5. Tell your guests what you’re doing but don’t tell them the categories or the questions – you want their responses to be spontaneous

Here’s how you make it happen

  1. Lay your red carpet where you’ve got enough space for people to watch and take pictures. You can use a white sheet as a backdrop if needed
  2. Don’t start right away – let people arrive, get settled, have a drink or two first.
  3. Before the Oscars begin, start the game. Walk the carpet, strike a pose, answer silly questions – the point is just to have some fun and get some great pictures.
  4. Announce the winners and hand out prizes – you can decide yourself or have people vote.


Your Friends and Family Are the Real Stars

The Oscars are a great excuse to throw a party on a Sunday night, but the real entertainment isn’t on TV. It’s in the memories that you are creating with your loved ones. So whether you throw a red carpet event or do something totally different, make sure you laugh a lot and take lots of pictures.

3 Ideas to Make Your Oscars Party Unforgettable


The biggest night in all of Hollywood is almost here. Don’t ruin your Oscars night by throwing a snoozer party where everyone sits around the TV actually watching the Oscars.

Sure, the Oscars provide the perfect excuse to throw a party on a Sunday night but they don’t need to be the only attraction. Make your friends and family the main attraction with these easy party ideas.

Idea #1: Dress Up

Skip the tuxedos and fancy gowns – we’ve all seen them before. And let’s face it, who wants to compete with the beauties on the big screen?

Instead, turn your Oscars party into a Hollywood costume party. Dress up as your favorite movie characters from the greatest movies of all time. Hand out prizes for the best costumes and award extra credit for full ensembles.

Spice up the competition by adding a specific theme to the night. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

  • The Golden Age of Hollywood: Pick movie characters from the 1940s and 1950s
  • Hollywood Goes to Space: Perfect for the science fiction crowd but you might want to limit the number of Han Solos and Princess Leias you let in through the doors!
  • Best Pictures Only: There are 91 Best Pictures with a lot of great characters to choose from spanning 9 decades of Hollywood styles
  • Oscar Rejects: Choose characters from the worst films of all time and take them to the Oscars party they never got invited to.

Idea #2: Walk the Red Carpet


Honestly, the best part of Oscars night is usually the red carpet celebrity interviews. You can create the perfect Instagram moments for your friends with a length of red carpet runner, some obnoxious questions, and a lot of cameras.

You can get a red carpet for parties from a local carpet store or you can order one online at Depending on your weather, your home, and the number of guests you invite, you can do this either inside or on the front walk leading up to your door.

Add to the fun by awarding prizes for the best red carpet walk, the best over-the-shoulder shot, the funniest interview answers, or the best character impersonation.

The more fun you have with this, the more people will post to their social media and share the fun with everyone else.

Idea #3: Embrace a Theme!

Social media will be flooded with pictures of gold and black balloons, Oscar-shaped cookies, etc. etc.

How boring!

Get more creative and embrace a fun Hollywood theme. Apply it to your decorations, food, drinks, games, and your costumes, like I mentioned earlier.

If you like a Golden Age theme, mix up some highballs, Manhattans, and pink squirrels for everyone to enjoy. If you like a Western theme, then serve some ribs, steaks, beans, whiskey, and beer.

The best picture nominees this year offer some rich possibilities with six different period pieces, anti-heros, fast cars, complex relationship issues, and some iconic bad guys.

Be Memorable

The Oscars themselves are a little hit or miss when it comes to being memorable. But you can make your party unforgettable with just a little creativity. Your guests will go home happy and satisfied because you made the Oscars the backdrop and not the center stage.

How to Throw the Perfect Oscars Party


There are two Sunday nights every year that it’s okay to throw a party on. The first is the night of the Oscars. The second has to do with some sporting event or other…I forget which.

This year, you and your friends are going to throw an Oscars night party that’ll make your faraway friends on Instagram and Facebook wish they lived a lot closer. To do this, you need the right plan.

Let’s walk through the most critical questions that will ultimately determine if your party takes home the Oscar or goes home a loser.

Step 1: The Guest List

There is simply one question here that will, literally, shape your entire party:

Kids or No Kids?

First, if you and your friends are only just getting into the childbearing years of adulthood then this is a no-brainer – call the babysitter. Nothing puts a damper on a fun evening more than an overtired baby or toddler.

Second, if you and your friends have kids covering an assortment of ages, then you have some decisions to make.

On the one hand, kids are entertaining. They’ll sing, they’ll perform, they’ll play games, and they love to be included. Staying up late is a special occasion for them and it’s great to give them that every once in a while.

But on the other hand, kids will keep your party PG. This could stifle the humor, the drinking, and how late the party goes. So this is a big decision to make. Think carefully.

Step 2: The Dress Code

If you’ve got kids coming, then you might opt for casual clothes suitable for playing on the floor. But if you’ve nixed the kids, then you have some fun options.

First option is to go dressy. How many opportunities do we really get to dress up, have some cocktails with friends, and not worry about the boss looking over your shoulder? Break out the suit, break out the gown, break out the uncomfortable shoes.

Second option is to go sexy. It’s a night out after all so let’s take full advantage of the evening. It’s a perfect night for the little black party dress, the un-tucked button-down with the sleeves rolled, and a little bling to impress.

Third option is to go in character. You have to have a willing group of friends but if you all really love the movies then you’ll jump at the chance to dress up like your favorite movie character. You can also take your theme to the next level – Golden Age characters, Best Picture characters, Sci-Fi characters…you get the picture.

Fourth option is to go in pajamas. Hey, you have to work the next day so while you want to hang with your friends you also want to be relaxed, cozy, and ready to jump into bed as soon as the last guest exits.

Step 3: Roll Out the Red Carpet


What is an Oscars party without a red carpet themed arrival? Order a red carpet runner online or from your local store and really raise your game.

Turn the whole moment into a fun game with prizes for best red carpet strut, best over-the-shoulder pose, most awkward runway kiss, etc. You can even do up some funny interview questions and give prizes for the best answers.

Get the entire thing on video and you’ve got social media gold – at least for you and your friends. At the very least, a red carpet runner creates an awesome Instagram moment for all of your guests that will really set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Step 4: Set the Menu


First consideration is the number of guests you’re inviting. Smaller numbers means you can do a fancy sit-down dinner but as your numbers increase you really move towards buffet style and then to finger foods and snacks.

Second consideration is your theme. If you’re having fancy dress but you’re serving buffalo wings then you’re going to have some awkward moments among your guests. If you’re doing a 1950s theme then cocktail weiners, mac and cheese, hamburger sliders, and onion rings might work perfectly.

Classic movie snacks work perfectly across all themes and add a little cinema magic to the evening. Popcorn, snowcaps, junior mints – the classics never disappoint.

Regardless, your primary goal is to get the food prepped ahead of time so you can spend time with your guests. Strike a balance between hot food you need to watch in the oven and cold food that goes from fridge to table easily and room temperature snacks you can strategically place throughout the party space well ahead of time.

Step 5: Don’t Forget the Drinks


You probably have a sense of what your friends already drink but it’s wise to have a selection on hand of soft drinks, beer, wine, hard alcohol, and mixers. Whatever you do, don’t make your guests search your fridge for a drink, your cabinets for a glass, or your drawers for an opener. Get everything ready and in one place. Use a cooler for cold drinks and set up a table for everything else.

If you’ve gone with a particular theme, you can match your drinks to it. If you’re doing a Golden Age of Hollywood theme, then brush up on your recipes for highballs, martinis (gin, not vodka), and pink squirrels (oh, it’s a drink all right)

Step 6: Decorate!

Gold and black balloons are a bit cliche for an Oscars party but if you’ve gone with fancy dress then they may be perfect.

However, I recommend you explore other options like old movie posters, cardboard popcorn boxes, red carpet runners for stairs and hallways. You can rent old-fashioned popcorn carts from your equipment rental store.

Step 7: Play Some Games

While the Oscars on TV give you a reason to host a red carpet themed party, it’s not much of a party if all your guests are just staring at the TV all night. Adding a few games into the mix puts your guests in the spotlight and generates memorable stories that will make your party unforgettable.

Handing out Oscar ballots for people to fill out is an easy, fun way to get the evening started as people talk about the different movies they’ve seen over the year. You can find them online and print them yourself.

Oscar bingo is also a fun way to make TV watching a little more interactive. Search online for “oscar bingo cards” and you’ll have a selection of printable cards to choose from.

For parties without kids, there are any number of drinking games you can play. Take a drink every time someone thanks their mother will probably leave you hurting in the morning.

Just remember to be responsible and safe – collect car keys beforehand and make sure the person in charge of deciding who can drive home or not stays sober. Don’t hesitate to call someone an Uber or Lyft – better safe than sorry.

Step 8: Make Some Great Memories

Let’s face it, as adults, we don’t spend nearly enough time with our friends and family. So when you have the opportunity (or an excuse) to have a party, make the most of it. Don’t sit around a TV together. Make the evening special. Make it movie-worthy.

2017 MET Gala Carpet: Not Your Typical Red Carpet

Katy Perry Met Gala 2017 Rihanna Met Gala 2017

14 Years of Dedication to the MET Gala “Red” Event

RedCarpetStore is proud to announce our work with the 2017 MET Gala, the “Oscars of the East”.

And as Dwayne Holmberg of Raul Avila, designer for the MET Gala, told us:

“From order to execution, nothing compares to RedCarpetStore. I could not do it without them.”

For the 14th consecutive year our crew geared up to take on the largest and most prestigious event on the east coast. The project began in September of 2016 in the first meeting at the MET. And they uttered the dreaded words we should be used to hearing: “We want Sisal again.”

What is Sisal Carpet?

The toughest, heaviest, and hardest carpet material we work with. There are faux products out there, but that wasn’t an option because they wanted the best. We needed real woven Sisal carpet…and a lot of it.

Does it seam well? No. Does it fair well with moisture? No. Does it bend easily? No. Sisal carpet is our toughest opponent, but for the MET Gala, only the best will do. And RedCarpetStore is the best.

So a week later an order for 8000 yards of Sisal carpet was ordered from across the world. We waited a few months and finally got the call. It’s here. Now on to step two: get the carpet painted.

We loaded all 56 rolls into our trucks and proceeded to drive them to our neighbor in Long Island to be hand painted. Two weeks later we were on our way back to pick it up. Beautiful blue accents and designs were hand-painted on the fragile material. Every piece was marked and noted as to how it was to fit together on site to fulfill the project vision.

After a few more meetings and trips to the MET to iron out various details, the event was almost here. With the help of 60+ of our masterful installers, we embarked on our 4-day adventure into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to install 8000 yards of carpet up stairs, around corners, across wide stretches of floor.

We Go the Extra Mile for All Our Clients

Day and night we worked. We hit some obstacles and roadblocks along the way. For example, the floors at the MET are very delicate and before we used our double sided tape we decided to take extra care and mark the entire job with painter’s tape first so we wouldn’t risk damaging the floors. The outside portion of carpet was also complicated as we had to lay it out spur-of-the-moment — thankfully we not only had enough material, but that we could adapt on the fly! But the biggest obstacle was, by far, the long staircase and ballroom.

The staircase alone took us almost 24 hours to cover. One at a time, we wrestled with the material to make it perfectly contour to each step. But with a lot of determination (and coffee) we finished the job!

Quality Craftsmanship and Dedication

Afterwards, we spoke with the head coordinator and walked the site not once, not twice, but three times to ensure everything was perfect. The Blue sections needed to be perfectly symmetrical and every step on the staircase needed to be 100% secure. And believe me…there were a lot of steps.

In the end, I was extremely proud of the entire RedCarpetStore staff for a flawless install. And two days later our crew returned to the MET and we ripped it all out! The 2017 MET Gala was over and it was time for RedCarpetStore to move on to its next big project.

The MET Gala is considered to be one of the largest fashion events in the world as well as one of the primary fundraisers for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. We at RedCarpetStore are extremely thankful and humbled to be involved with this event. We look forward to being the supplier for their carpet for years to come.

RedCarpetStore is always ready to delivery over and above

Please contact us so we can make your next event a truly “Red Carpet!